Audience (Project Managers / Portfolio Managers / Delivery Heads) will gain by;
1. Being able to create more success in project delivery – on time, on budget and good quality – thus create happy Customers
2. Being able to generate profits for the project, portfolio & unit – thus creating a happy Company.


About the speaker

Shashidhar (Shashi) has spent 25+ years in the software industry. He has had an opportunity to serve 100+ clients (Small start up’s to Fortune 500 clients across most key geographies) and deliver well over 500+ projects (Development, Maintenance, Re-engineering) through Small, Medium and Large software enterprises.

Shashi has played multiple roles as Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Talent Manager, Unit Planning & Operations Manager, Bid Manager, Delivery Head and Business Head. Through some of these roles he has handled portfolio of half a billion USD.

Currently Shashi is “Vice President – Organization Development” in Tarento Technologies Ltd with a charter to help “Scale” the company and “Build to last”. In this role, focus is excellence across Financial, Customer, Delivery, Operations and People domains.

Shashi has failed enough to stay humble and succeeded enough to stay hopeful.

Shashi is passionate about creating “Lasting Outcomes” (As a Management Consultant)  in his professional world and “Figuring out Life” (As a Philosopher) in his personal life.