First, we will examine the latest trends in AI adoption across industries, showcase real-world use cases of AI, and discuss the key challenges faced during AI integration.

Next, we will discuss how organizations seek AI-skilled talent but hesitate to invest in training, highlighting the imperative to take personal control of AI upskilling.

What will the audience gain from this presentation

Finally, we will explore essential AI skills and competencies for non-technical project managers, such as developing a strategic approach to AI use, understanding how AI can optimize project management processes, the importance of prompting skills, demonstrated through a hands-on example, and the potential of low-code/no-code technologies. Additionally, there will be an overview of resources, such as courses and webinars provided by PMI and exclusive services offered by myself in partnership with Olalla García Pérez, PMI Future 50 Awardee, 2023.

1. Understand How AI is Transforming the Way We Work: AI adoption is growing across industries and geographies, enhancing productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, making it a crucial tool for modern project management.
2. Recognize That Organizations Seek AI-Skilled Talent but Hesitate to Invest: There's a high demand for AI skills, yet many organizations hesitate to provide sufficient AI training, creating a gap where AI competencies are highly valued but under-supported by employers.
3. It’s Imperative to take Personal Control of Our AI Growth Trajectories: We project managers must proactively develop a strategic AI growth plan, to position ourselves as influential voices. To achieve this, we need to be AI power users, continuously experimenting with AI to unlock its full potential and drive project success.

About the speaker

Lavanya is a dedicated advocate for enhancing project success through the thoughtful and ethical integration of artificial intelligence. Her recent contributions to this field include:

  • Co-authoring two groundbreaking reports in 2024, as part of PMI Sweden’s AI in Project Management Initiative.
  • Participating in several webinars on AI in project management, organized by PMI and PMI Norway.
  • In collaboration with Olalla García Pérez, planning and conducting AI training activities for PMI Galicia Spain Chapter and consulting on workshop design for PMI Northern Italy Chapter, focusing on practical AI applications in project management.


Lavanya is committed to empowering project managers to become proficient with AI, leveraging skills in project and product management, research and data analysis, business analysis, and education. With 20 years of experience spanning the healthcare, neuroscience, integrative medicine and travel industries, she brings a unique interdisciplinary approach to this endeavour.