PMI Bengaluru Chapter Academic relations portfolio aims to build relationships with academic institutions in Bangalore & Karnataka, partnering in the area of project management through certifications, awareness, events, research et al

Build partnerships with Academic institutions in Bangalore and Karnataka.Deliver Services on time and quality

  • Business Schools
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Schools
Axes of Engagement
  • Certifications
  • Awareness
  • Forums/Events - Relationship Building
  • Research & Internship
Please contact :
Academic Relations Team (
Kartikeyan Ramamurthy
Srikanta Konnanur
Bhaskar Jaganathan

What we do


We support to you raise fund for charity causes that can be used to improve the quality of African children, who are living in the worst condition.


Charity organizes different event to raise money for children’s welfare. We have generated around 80% of the resource through different events.


Our sponsorships program has not only helped us achieve mission, but also helped sponsor boost their businesses.


Join us? Be a part of our family of investors, whose contribution have propelled us to reach to the envisioned goal without any problem.