Typical project challengesIntroductionchallenges Introduction to the QwikSpec platform
1. How Tech tools helps to transform project operations:
a. Case study on getting schedule on-track
b. Case study on cost savings
c. Case study on quality improvement
d. Case study on contractor evaluation

What the audience will gain from the presentation

1. Understand the quantifiable impact technology can have on project site operations.
2. Practical ways on how to use technology to overcome project challenges.
3. Understand how companies are using technology to improve key KPIs of a construction project.
4. Understand the use of data analytics in a construction project.


About the speaker

  1. 23 ears experience in various field of construction from Site Execution, Design Co-ordination, Quality Management, ERP Implementation and other Digitization Drives, Sales and Strategy
  2. Managed Commercial, Residential, Service, Educational and Industrial Projects.
  3. Worked in Companies like Rohan Group-Pune, Mantri, Confident Group
  4. At present part of the Senior Management Team of QwikSpec as Director heading Indian Operations