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PMI Bangalore Newsletter March 2022 cover

April 2022

Dear Readers,

Spring is here! Seems like Summer is here too in a hurry. Greetings from The PMI Bangalore India Chapter to all! We wish you all a very happy and fun April full of festivals.

Volatility seems to be the flavour of many seasons gone by now. At some point in the last two years, our projects have been rescheduled due to things like the pandemic,traffic jam at the Suez canal,or similar things totally out of our control! Empty containers on one coast and none available at other, semiconductors not being born at the same rate as being used, and to top it off the uncertainty fuelled by war!

At the heart of it, volatility is nature’s way of showing us how little we are in control. Perhaps, the only answer to volatility is resilience. In a world full of noise, marketing, plugs, influencers, it is in our best interest to seek the company of people who value resilience ahead of everything else. Now is the time to renew your vows of grit made in January!

I consider it a great honor to present to you the April’22 edition of the PM Essence Newsletter. It is an exciting edition filled with thoughts from our esteemed guest authors & event updates that will pique your curiosity and challenge you to stay updated.

This edition kicks off with  great refreshers on Sustainable Projects, PMO & Planning,with useful references to the PMBOK guide 7th edition. After that is an excellent introduction to the inside world of the retail store. We all get to see the final store and quickly click on a review, it is time to understand the roller coaster of rolling one out.

Our ECE footprints update this month is aptly titled “Simplify to amplify”. It says that the solution to most problems is usually a combination of multiple simple actions performed coherently, irrespective of the magnitude of the challenge.

Next up , the PMI South Asia’s first-ever in-person Common Ground event in Bangalore, a sneak peek into what you missed and how awesome the meetup after a long time was! It is followed by academic musings from the same event - an engaging panel discussion!

We continue the usual fun portion of the issue with those rib tickling cartoons, a quiz & provide an update about the chapter news and membership corner.

We hope this April edition is enjoyable to you and also provides you with reminders and motivation to restart that continuous learning plan, if it’s parked aside!

Thank you for your continued readership and looking forward to presenting you with more such insightful content. Happy Reading!

-Team Essence

Editorial Content Credit: Shashank Burli

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