A real estate product is cyclic in nature i.e., changes happens to a real estate product based on the age, purpose, usage and economic benefits. Integration of the new norms, bylaws and latest make over specification becomes critical to any real estate product for its use to prolong and generate economic benefit. This topic highlights the influence of the complexity and uncertainty of the refurbishment Projects and how this integration has to be managed through principals of Project Management.

3 key takeaways:
Why refurbishment happens.
What are the norms and bylaws changes.
How refurbishment are to be managed.


About the speaker

A civil Engineer by heart and enjoys Filter Coffee. Loves South Indian Food and likes to spend quality time with family after a rough day’s work.

Career Highlights and Experience : 35 years in Project Management Solution and has led key developer and greenfield Projects. Ramaprasad has experience in managing greenfield Projects from inception to completion and has worked in various capacities in area of design management, Project management, High rise commercial and residential and mixed-use development.