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October 2022

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy month full of festivals and holidays! It is indeed special because this time the holidays for the parents and kids seem to have coincided to celebrate the festivals in all its glory or at least make meaningful travel plans without one mind in school or office! Also, a very warm welcome to the month of October, given its potential to shape the really cold months ahead!

We hope you had a very happy Navaratri and Dusshera/Vijayadashami festival. The victory of good over evil message is ever relevant and these festivals provide us a chance to visit those epics and give ourselves a good reminder if we have been straying in our own lives.To reinforce this message, we also had the birthdays of two great men who are a symbol of simplicity and resilience - Mahatma Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastriji! It is also an occasion to make new beginnings by venturing sincerely into freshly laid plans.

Speaking of new beginnings, it gives us immense pleasure to introduce to you PMI’s new President and Chief executive officer Mr. Pierre Le Manh. He has served in CEO roles for over 20 years at knowledge, research, and technology-based companies worldwide. He has lived and worked in Paris, Montreal, London, Rome, and New York City. He brings a proven track record of growth, transformation, and globalization and a passion for team building and nurturing culture. With a passion for sustainable development he says “Without competent professionals to lead and run projects, ideas cannot be made a reality. Project professionals are the doers and builders of transformation.” We encourage you to take a look at his candid interviews on “The Official PMI Blog”

This month’s PM- Essence revolves around the theme of Dasara Holidays. When it comes to the Dasara festival in Karnataka, it does not get any bigger than the Mysuru Dasara festival. It feels great to see some breathtaking first hand pictures on their official website, and we have a special one for you to start with. Following that, we have an interesting article distilling the PM wisdom of the ages relevant to this day and another article that humorously notes the challenges of working in a global environment with vacations from September to the end of the year!

The PM footprints of the month introduces us to the interesting idea of Enneagram (Any-A-Gram) Secrets for Project Managers & the EC footprint discusses some Practical aspects to Manufacturing and how Project Managers are central to the process.Following that are the quiz, chapter events that were successfully conducted last month  and snapshots of October events. We have special discounts as part of the 25th year anniversary of PMI - Bangalore Chapter - noted in this newsletter and some more on its linkedin page. Grab them before they are gone!

Thank you for your continued readership and we look forward to connecting back in our November’’22 edition.

Kindest Regards,

Team Essence

Editorial Content Credit: Shashank Burli

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