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PM Essence cover image May 2022

May 2022

Dear Readers,

A hearty welcome to another edition of PM Essence, the official newsletter of PMI Bangalore Chapter! The PMI Bangalore Chapter wishes all the mothers around the world a Happy Mother’s Day.

Every day is a day of mothers. But to honour their motherhood, their sacrifices, their love and care, every year the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day.

A mother, an alter of God, is the only person on this earth who dedicates her whole life for the children and never expects anything in return. Nevertheless, we cannot return anything matching her love; Let’s try to make her happy, cheerful; nothing more we can do.

I am pleased to present you the May '22 edition of the PM Essence Newsletter. This edition contains three interesting topics from esteemed guest authors, alongside one bequest.

We have a great article about ‘The Problem Solving Mind set- A Project Management Context’ in which the author highlights problems in Project Management context and explains how to approach solving these problems.

We have another excellent article about ‘The Power of Networking’ which was well received by the participants as the author discussed the challenges while networking and their solutions.

Another exceptional programme, the Bequest was organized by Toastmasters International, District 121, Division B in association with PMI Bangalore Chapter, wherein a Stage for Champions was created.

We also have a magnificent article about ‘Poetically decoding patterns in projects’ in which the author discussed the aspects of Complex Systems and their characteristics.

Along with these the regular features of the newsletter viz., PM Capture, PM Cartoon, PM Quiz, Chapter News and Membership Corner are included.

Last but not least, amid the rising Covid cases in the nation, especially in the Northern part of India, our State Government has issued a G.O. by making usage of masks compulsory, maintaining social distance, etc., and request all of you to take all precautionary measures as earlier, hopefully these would not become part of our life.

Thank you for your continued readership and we look forward for connecting back in our June’22 edition

Kindest Regards,

Team Essence

Editorial Content Credit: Raja Sekhar GVD

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