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June 2022

Dear Readers,

It is June already. Half the year is gone.. Poof! It means two things. At the beginning of the month, the tireless warriors of mother earth will remind you about the damage we are mindlessly causing to the environment and towards the close of the month, another set of well meaning friends will talk about the benefits of yoga with the line ‘the best day to start exercising is always today’! We have a choice to make everyday of our lives : actions that conserve our own body and the environment or actions that increase the struggle for our future generations. Choose wisely.

June also means the magical time of quick drying clothes on the balcony is over. We have celebrated the laurels of the last year enough. It is time to water those new ideas that will bear fruit for the next year(s), just like nature does with the rains.

Oh and there is the I word - Inflation. It is well and truly here too. We had forgotten about it and were marching on like we do with our dietary choices around festivals. The calories had to show up at some point and slow you down. We can either waste time trying to reason out why it is not fair, or we get to work and burn the extra fat from our expenses. Enjoy those difficult conversations with your better halves at home and if you are in charge of a budget at work, apply the same learnings there too!

We consider it a great honor to present to you the June’22 edition of the PM Essence Newsletter. It was fun compiling, scribing and most importantly, learning from the practitioners of Project Management across industries, geographies and decades!

We begin with a topic close to the heart of every resident of Bangalore - Traffic management! While it is what it is, could we take some lessons on managing projects from it? That would be a win for sure.

The PM footprints session of the month talks about how to unlock the best out of the people around us using an interesting model based approach. Following that is the E& C PM footprints with the hottest topic in the last two years - the impact of procurement in the success of a project. A proactive procurement member who partners with a project team can make the project most successful, and if we learn to unlock the best out of this member, the success of any project is natural and least stressful.

To conclude, there is an update about the chapter events. Keep an eye on the annual meet up of the PMI Bangalore chapter! It’s been a while, and would be fantastic to meet you all in person.

We sincerely wish the June edition makes for a wonderful read and inspires you to share your own stories and expertise, either through guest articles or as a volunteer to the many activities of the chapter.

Thank you for your continued readership and we look forward for connecting back in our July’22 edition

Kindest Regards,

Team Essence
Editorial Content Credit: Shashank Burli & Chankit Jain
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