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January 2023

Dear Readers,

Happy, Prosperous and peaceful New Year 2023 wishes to all our readers and well-wishers from the PM Essence Team.

New year is celebrated across the world and most people make resolutions with new goals, new commitments and keeping up good habits. Our Essence Team has a resolution as well, which is to keep-up and continue to exchange information among project & program management professionals and welcoming yourideas, suggestions and feedback to make it better.

In the middle of January the Harvest festival is celebrated in different states of the country. During the height of harvesting and gathering there would be great celebrations of thanks with music, song, dance, gifting and feasting. The general celebrations varied but often lasted anywhere from 4 to 7 days and maybe even longer.

This festival is observed in various names in different part of country such as Pongal, Vishu, Makar Sankranti, Magh Bihu, Maghi Saaji, Maghi Sangrand, Maghi Sangrand or Uttarain, Sakrat, Sakraat, Sukarat, Uttarayana, Ghughuti, Dahi Chura, Poush Sankranti or Mokor Sonkranti, Khichidi Sankranti, Uttarayani, Sankranti, Shishur Senkrath. Also this festival is celebrated in other names in Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. During Festival, people worship the Sun along with Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi.

Harvest Festival celebrates the time of year when crops have been gathered from the field and people can reflect on the food that they have. This time of the year we share food, gifts and goodwills with our loved ones, our community and our society.

With this celebrations & festivals, We consider it a great honor to present to you the December edition of the PM essence Newsletter: To begin with the PM cartoon of this month, Guest article on “Program managers as Business enablers” to understand more on how we could look at Program management differently in the Digital world!. The PM footprint sessions about “Soft skills for Program Managers” & “Emotional Intelligence in Project Management”, following that E&C PM footprint sessions about “Sustainability DNA” & “Net Zero and Sustainability”. To conclude, we also have Chapter events including upcoming events, membership summary.

“We are stronger together than we are alone” – Walter Payton says together we can make a difference. PM Essence Team greatly appreciates your time and effort and thank you for providing your continuous support to this newsletter and valuable feedback. We look forward to connecting with you again in our February 23 edition.

Kindest Regards,
Team Essence