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August 2022

As the 15th President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu took oath last month, the magnanimity of the event dawned upon me. Her elevation shows the level of maturity Indian democracy has achieved in the last 75 years. A person from one of the most underprivileged sections of our society can make it to the highest post in India and is celebrated by the entire nation. What better tribute can there be to our founding fathers and freedom fighters who envisaged such a nation!

As Pt. Nehru said in his Independence speech - We are free now but along with freedom, come responsibilities and burdens. We have to face them and overcome them all. Our dream is now about to be translated into reality. The task of wrestling freedom and ousting the foreign government was before us till now and that task is now accomplished. But uprooting the foreign domination is not all. Unless and until each and every Indian breathes the air of freedom and his miseries are banished and his hard lot is improved, our task remains unfinished.

We must all seize this moment as India rises, capturing the imagination of the world to make it a better place for each one of us. We must use our knowledge and democratic principles to guide the underprivileged to achieve their potential in the true sense. Our aim must be to build a strong and confident nation which not only takes care of its own people, but also guides humanity to make it a better place to live. Next 25 years should be about India achieving its true potential and us fulfilling the dream of our forefathers.

To further amplify the patriotic spirit, we have two blockbuster sporting events going on: The Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai and the Commonwealth Games in the United Kingdom. It’s a good time to show off your extraordinary sports knowledge in things like diving & wrestling :-)

We consider it a great honor to present to you the August’22 edition of the PM Essence Newsletter. To start with,a note from our Chapter President Mr. Sachin Sood followed by an inspiring piece from our very own  Lt. Col. Shri Harsha Sir on this momentous occasion for our country.

We then move on to the new kid in the block - Disciplined Agile. It was an engaging talk that personally motivated me to rethink some of my projects! The PM footprints of the month was a lively session about communication to win a customer’s confidence. Following that is the E&C PM footprints talking about the role of Project managers in Refurbishment and Retrofit projects. To conclude, there is an update about the chapter events. Do take a shot at the quiz and enjoy the cartoon contribution. Hope they bring out the artist in you to contribute some chuckles in future editions.

We hope the August edition inspires you enough to remember and celebrate our freedom fighters and the great souls who laid the foundation for India with their sweat and blood. Enjoy the beginning of festivities from this month & we look forward to reconnecting back in the Sep’22 edition!

Kindest Regards,

Team Essence

Editorial Content Credit: Prakhar Kumar & Shashank Burli

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