The global Construction Market of $ 9 Trillion has been waiting for its own technology revolution for quite some time. It has been experiencing some small snippets of technology adoptions across some very premium sectors, but the overall industry at large is still grappling with old tools and workflows resulting in cost overruns, project delays and quality issues. Technology integrations into existing process flows has also been a huge deterrent.

With the coming of age of latest technical breakthroughs in the Machine Learning and the Artificial Intelligence space specially in the Computer Vision domain, the use and applications across different business verticals has opened. This has allowed for organizations to come up with vertically integrated solutions for creating true digital twins for Construction sites which are extremely accurate and are easy to adopt and extremely cost effective. We take you through the first of its kind platform for the same from Inkers called Observance.

What the audience will gain from the presentation:

They will be able to get a sneak into the latest in technology deployment in the Project Management space. How this space is evolving and getting ready to accept new breakthroughs. The impact on costs, quality, and time on a live project site. How can they themselves go about integrating and adopting this technology stacks in their existing workflows without much effort and cost impact.

About the speaker

Artificial Intelligence powered technological innovation to do things better and efficiently is what excites me the most and at Inkers we are building towards that future.

I lead Operations, Strategy, Sales, and Finance at Inkers technology as the Co-Founding Director. I come with close to 15 + years of experience working across various global geographies in operational and technical roles and have led diverse teams to achieve excellence in execution in Services, Products and Project Management domains.

IIT Kharagpur: Mathematics and Computing, 2008