1. Explore the dynamic principles of behavioral science to enhance project management skills.
2. Leverage psychological insights for optimal team performance.
3. Learn effective strategies to navigate workplace challenges.
4. Utilize behavioral science techniques to boost collaboration, motivation, and overall project success.

Describe what will the audience gain from your presentation

1. Understand the different behavioral styles and recognize people with those styles
2. Learn about each style’s strengths, communication style, decision making style, stressors, teamwork style.
3. Tailor your responses to match the style to achieve maximum motivation and productivity.
4. Match people with the right kind of tasks and roles.

About the speaker

Rinnku G, the Chief People Farmer of Rightwaay Talent Consulting is a unique farmer who helps people grow! She is a Business& Behavioral Coach, HR Professional, Speaker, Trainer and Author of the books ‘Soul Spa for Young Adults’, ‘Discover Your Mojo- Secrets to unravelling your unique magical charm’ and ‘Prem Gatha’ a Hindi poetry collection.