In the dynamic realm of construction and infrastructure project management, engineers often ascend the professional ladder, their expertise honed-in the technical intricacies of their field. However, a curious phenomenon unfolds over time; “a narrowing focus that fails to encompass the holistic spectrum”.

Beyond the blueprints and timelines lies a crucial dimension often overlooked — one that transcends the boundaries of individual expertise and ventures into the complex interplay and dynamics.

In this talk, we will unravel the missing links in project leadership, shedding light on the significance of equipping oneself beyond the confines of technical mastery as we delve into the intricacies of project leadership, aiming to reveal the elusive "X-Factor" that eludes many seasoned professionals.

Prepare to challenge conventional narratives and broaden your perspective on project leadership.

About the speaker

Sankar Subrahmaniyam is a post-graduate in Construction Engineering and Management from College of Engineering Guindy and holds Advanced Masters in Public Policy from Indian School of Business.  Sankar has 27+ years of experience in the diversified segments viz. Buildings & industries, oil and gas, and infrastructure with exposure from contractors, consultants, and project owner’s side.  He works in the areas of integrated program management and intersection of social sciences in the program management.

He is a Co-founder of InCoBAN, the capacity building initiative focussed on Indian Infrastructure Construction.  He holds directorship in Skopos India Foundation, AACEI India Association, and Family 4S LLP.  Prior to launching InCoBAN, Sankar was Chief Operating Officer of Karle Infra at Bangalore, worked with ITC’s Central Projects Organization and played an important role in building the internal Program Management Office of ITC.

Sankar works closely with prestigious institutions and professional bodies in India and abroad and acts as a bridge between industry and academia.  He is a Fellow and Chartered Engineer of Institution of Engineers.  He served as Director Region 8 (APAC) of AACE International, a voluntary position and served in the Board of its Membership Advisory Committee,  Chair – India Taskforce of AACE International and built its India Section.

Sankar is a certified Earned Value Professional by AACE International, USA