The role of purpose from a mere word to a deeper meaning for an individual and an organization. How do people and organizations find it out? What role does leadership play in that context? Does it really play a role? This presentation is bringing the aspect of purpose and leadership together in context of project, program and life in general.

Audience will get a little nudge, to reflect on their own experiences. There is no final answer or one size fits well for anybody and everybody. The audience will get some guidance and a view of how the dots are connected and how different it can be. It will increase the audience's perspective and ability to look at situations in different ways and be effective.

About the speaker

Senior technology leader; over 29 years of diversified experience in both IT products/enterprise application development and IT professional services/consulting business with hands on technical background promoting thought leadership of emerging technologies, process and people in the domain of cloud, converged platform, digital transformation; data engineering leading transition of product to platform journey. Cross country globally distributed team management and India site leadership role.



Software R&D, Professional Services, Consulting, Strategic management, Customer Relationship Management, Thought leadership