There is much talk about the New Normal. What exactly is it? Truth is that it is still unravelling. What we do know though is that everything will continue to be in a state of flux. We are in for a time where change will be the only constant. So how do you manage your world of work in such a situation? By embracing change. By gaining the skills and the mind-set that will help you navigate change on a recurring basis. Is that even possible? Yes it is! In fact it is compelling the project management community across the globe to think out of the box. To pull those proverbial rabbits out of their skill hats. It is incredible how many organizations across the globe have thrived during this period of uncertainty and change. What did they do right?

This is what the Project Management South Asia Virtual Conference 2021 aims to explore. It’s a virtual event that celebrates change and all the positivity it brings. Under the theme – Project Management: Embracing the New Normal, it will feature impactful real world stories. You will hear first-hand experiences from celebrity guests and engage with premium content from the region’s most accomplished individuals. It will inspire you to embrace change and thrive. To change your world and direct it towards where you want it to go. Don’t miss!