Project management of large projects is becoming more and more complex. The level of uncertainty is going up and the environment appears to be more chaotic than before. However, what appears to be chaotic also has a pattern, there is order in disorder, even if we are not able to notice them or describe them.

There are patterns everywhere, patterns in the natural events, life forms, human creations. Understanding of these patterns helps us to have better anticipation of the future events, we just need to notice them.

Fortunately, we humans have inherent ability to see patterns, where we don’t see we create patterns.
3 key takeaways:
Understanding complexity
Understanding patterns
Identifying and managing complexity in projects


About the speaker

* Garnered Project Management experience over 30 years through construction of large infrastructure projects
In India
– Hydro Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Water Transmission Pipelines(INR 1.80 Billion),
– New Railway Line (INR 35 Billion),
– Airport Expansion Projects (INR 125 Billion),
In Vietnam
– Water Treatment Plant (INR 1.25 Billion)

and through development of Project Management systems.

* Currently Working as Assist. Vice President at Bangalore International Airport.
* Guest speaker at national and international forums on various aspects of Project management.
* Has contributed articles to PMI chapters and on Projectmanagement.com
* In his spare time, he loves to write poems. His book in Hindi has been recently released.