Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) has found its place as a key work dimension of a construction project. Organizations have experts in OSH on their payrolls who are tasked to keep the site teams on their toes and report violations. Budgets are allotted for OSH in the project estimates. The Govt of India had been proactive in simplifying the statutory regulations and promote the adoption by the practitioners with ease. The OSH Code 2020 and the Rules and Regulations formulated under these codes have become the guiding principles for organizations and field operators. This talk will highlight the key provisions related to OSH and their implications for construction management practices, budget provisions and distribution of responsibilities amongst the various stakeholders.

3 key takeaways:
- Understand the OSH rules and regulations in India
- How to define OSH guidelines for your workplace
- Roles and responsibilities related to OSH of various stakeholders


About the speaker

Expertise in building institutions and enhancing competency of organizations through coaching, mentoring and hands on support on the ground. Program management expertise in multi disciplinary programs which includes construction projects, IT infrastructure creation and management projects. Specialized in driving troubled projects to their logical conclusion by negotiating and motivating teams. Mastered the art of driving projects with effective contract management right from the drafting stage through its rigorous implementation in spirit and word. Hands on experience of managing multi disciplinary, multi location, multi cultural teams for successful delivery of programs and projects.