People Management skills are often treated as soft skills that are inherent, fuzzy and difficult to learn. Process Management Skills on the other hand are learnable, analytical and associated with predictable outcomes. And yet in construction related organizations that have or currently implementing processes and tools, projects fail to meet their goals leading people to discard these processes as time consuming or wasteful.

The fallback solution often is to recruit a set of people who have a track record of predictably successful outcomes ! People and Process are known to be two corners of the triangle that are stressed upon for project management. It is widely understood now (and is reflected in the new PMP exam pattern as well) that without mastery in these two domain areas it's impossible to achieve success. This session will explore some commonly faced situations in engineering and construction to bring out the role of people and processes in project management. The Speaker will look at some challenges at both ends and propose ways in which People and Process can be integrated to achieve improved success.

3 key takeaways:
- Understand some key Challenges faced with respect to People and Processes
- Explore aspects of each domain area that lead to impact
- Ways to identify and eliminate roadblocks on the way to Project Success 


About the speaker

Shobha has over two decades of experience in the building construction and real estate industry having held senior leadership positions in International Property Consulting firms. She is an alumnus of SPA, New Delhi and IIM, Bangalore. She has built and led large teams, delivering over 60 million sqft of largely corporate office, campus and multi use buildings and some residential, institutional, retail and logistics spaces as well.

Her roles have included customer acquisition & retention, business strategy and operations. She is a strong believer that the right investment in nurturing people leads to successful execution. With her vast industry expertise, Shobha founded Build ED in 2018 and along with her team provide business strategy, process, project management and organizational consulting to Construction and Design companies. She helps clients structure their project teams and deliver efficiently through process implementation.

Shobha is passionate about giving back to the AEC industry, promoting diversity in thought and ideas at the workplace, mentoring women for professional growth and making multi-dimensional education available to the majority.