The speaker will address the challenges that project managers face in managing and measuring performance of team members in a project. The speaker will recommend options on how this problem can be addressed in a unique way. The speaker will explain the principles behind engaging and motivating project initiatives. The presentation will also help to develop strategies to cultivate a collaborative and communicative environment within teams.

To effectively implementing to create a more dynamic and motivating work environment for your project team, leading to increased performance and project success. Understand innovative and engaging techniques to promote motivation and achievement in projects. Identify strategies to enhance collaboration and communication within project teams. Learn methods to personalize and adapt project activities to different personalities and preferences. Discover tools and approaches to increase accountability and ownership among team members. Design and implement interactive elements to encourage participation and achievement. Adapt and adjust the implementation of these techniques based on feedback and results.

About the speaker

Dr Anand Lokhande brings around 29 years of experience in Capability Development, Program and Project Delivery, Organization Transformation and Change Management,  IT Services and Strategic Consulting. Combined with his program and project experience with the major global industry leaders in automotive, IT hardware technology, professional services & application management service providers, Dr Anand carries valuable agile project delivery and strategic business analysis experience. He has worked with Shell India, Deloitte Consulting, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Mercedes-Benz  in various business and IT leadership roles. His doctoral thesis is on the subject of Stakeholder Engagement in PPP Infrastructure Road Projects.