The intriguing perspective on how Indian women, shaped by their upbringing, naturally gravitate towards minimizing waste, enhancing efficiency, and operating with limited resources is a compelling inspiration. This insight serves as a catalyst for translating lean concepts into the realm of Indian construction. The application of lean construction principles in the Indian context.

Understand how lean construction practices encourage adaptability and responsiveness to changes, ensuring projects remain resilient in dynamic construction environments.

Overall, a presentation on lean construction practices can equip the audience with practical knowledge and tools to optimize construction processes, resulting in more successful and sustainable project outcomes.

About the speaker

With a Master’s in Construction Technology and a Post Graduate Program in Advanced Construction Management, I’m an experienced professional in construction and project management. As an IGBC-AP, I contribute to sustainable spaces as a Business Development Manager at Philips Healthcare. Previously, as Founder & Business Strategist at Catalyst, I oversaw construction project management. My expertise extends to international projects specifically into hospitality Projects. Am deeply passionate about contributing to the community and engage in delivering guest lectures at various universities in Gujarat. Concurrently, I adhere to a disciplined yoga practice, which serves as a stabilizing force in my life. Photography is not just a hobby but a means of artful expression and a cherished hobby. Exploring different cultural facets through travel within India is something I particularly love and find enriching.