You have a complaint, mostly to yourself.

You complain that you are not growing in your profession, are in a comparative state, and have created a poor self-image. You feel you have wasted your time and are not sure if the rest of the time will be enough to do something worthwhile. Maybe you are at 40 and you feel you have not accomplished anything. You feel low and don’t want to continue making efforts.

The good news is you are not alone, the greater news is that there are people who have gotten out of this furrow. Possibility is Practical, if you know what counts.

From his experiences, observations and research, the speaker intends to provide reasons why managers don’t raise in the organizations. Through cases from coaching experiences of the speaker the audience will gather –

1. Unwritten rules at workplace
2. How organizations define performance
3. Why ratio b/w Ask and Listen is important.

About the speaker

Mr. Nagesh Ramamurthy is an accomplished project management consultant, with over 30 years of experience. He has ever focused on high performing teams that specialize in project and program management, people & organizational transformation, and operational improvement initiatives.

Described by his colleagues as a trusted advisor he has built 11 PMOs from the ground-up and is adept at leading diverse global teams to deliver complex products/projects without compromising customer satisfaction.

Skilled at adding value through practical project management, Nagesh has extensive experience in solving tough project challenges. Nagesh knows construction. He knows people management. He knows to combine them into valuable solution for organizations and people.
As a trainer, transitional coach and researcher, he has enhanced professional lives of 10000+ professionals in the last decade. His coaching interventions in the past 7 years has transformed 500+ professionals’ capabilities.