It is difficult to imagine modern day industrial plants or factories without significant level of Automation due to demands on productivity, quality, flexibility, efficiency, competitiveness and environmental considerations. Yet the definition and boundaries of Automation are Grayer now than ever before.

This Webinar will shed light on the involvement, significance, boundaries and the levels of Automation in the industries. The presenter will illustrate the challenges considerations and future risks that the Project Managers should be aware of, using case studies.

What the audience gain from this presentation
 Definition and coverage of Industrial Automation
 How Automation integrates with the plant operation.
 Challenges in the Project Management of Industrial Automation.
 Provisions and Limitations of Automation.
 Industrial Automation Segmentation
 Current state and future trends in Industrial automation
 How Industrial Automation interfaces with other faculties of a business.


About the speaker

Rajesh Rathi is a Technocrat Entrepreneur.

After working in the USA and Japan for multinational companies in the early years Rajesh turned to self-employment in 1990. He has been working in the domains of INDUSTRIAL AND POWER AUTOMATION. Rajesh leads CI group of companies that have operations in India and the USA.

Rajesh is a mentor to several start-up entrepreneurs. He is helping start new businesses in diverse areas such as Power Grid Cybersecurity, Natural gas for mining vehicles, Railways track monitoring and Blockchains for logistics and supply chains.

Rajesh is passionately involved with ISA – International Society of Automation, a global body of Automation Engineers. Currently he is a member of the Global Executive board of ISA.

Rajesh Rathi is also deeply involved in the Pan IIT Alumni activities.