Healthy Materials – Is it the next generation of materials for Construction Industry?
Healthy Materials is about raising awareness about toxics in building products and to create resources for the next generation of Architects and designers to make places healthier for all people to live.
It mainly affects the Children, Fenceline communities, Pregnant woman and Fetuses, Lower income Household and maintenance & Household Staffs.,
This is a new concept in building materials, which is yet to penetrate into the Construction Industry in India.
Even though this is being followed in the western countries predominantly, this yet to bring an awareness to both the Architects & Designers as well to the Contractors and end users.
Public awareness and end users demand can bring and put pressure on the manufacturers to opt for a healthy material that can be deployed for the construction.

About the speaker

With a Post graduation in Project Management from NICMAR Pune and an Executive Program in Business Management from IIM Lucknow, I’m an experienced professional in construction and Project Management. My expertise extends to international projects specifically into hospital Projects. Am deeply passionate about contributing to the community and engage in delivering guest lectures on Hospital Planning at various events and to pan India Healthcare Operators.