A brief Synopsis of the presentation.
- What is the lay of the land in public sector
- How to identify the key stakeholders
- How is it different from private sector
- What are the key skills required
- How is success measured in a public sector project/program

The key takeaways would be for the participants to understand how the public sector space operates, who are the key stakeholders and what are their motivations. How to work with key stakeholders towards a successful implementation of a public sector project/program and how different it is from working in the private sector.

About the speaker

Manmeet has worked on large programs with state and central governments in the Ed-Tech space. Skilled in Global Delivery, Process and Program Management. Manmeet is a strong IT-centered program and project management professional with Advanced Management Program from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Manmeet has 25+ years of working experience in the IT industry.

Manmeet is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working as a Project/Program Manager of complex programs.

Manmeet is a Certified Life and Professional Coach across the coaching continuum i.e. transactional to transformational, with a focus on reigniting career aspirations of mid-level, high performing executives. Manmeet has coached 15+ clients since 2018 with 100+ hours of coaching experience.