Lately we are experiencing unprecedented challenges in the corporate world vis-a-vis volatility in the external environment. To overcome this situation, disruptive leadership is the need of the hour. In this engaging session, we shall exploit Kanban principles to cause disruption in Situational Leadership style through the lens of chess, a game that involves continual adaptation to ever-changing circumstances. We shall draw inferences from chess and Kanban using the OKR (Objective Key Results) framework, which can be applied in both professional and personal settings. We will also explore what leadership outcomes and traits are to be focussed during these uncertain BANI (Brittle Ambiguous Non-Linear Incongruous) times from the novel OKR-based Kanban-Chess Analogy framework.

Following are the 3 key takeaways for the audience –
1. Understand the tenets of Situational Leadership required to combat the current volatile times.
2. Design your custom-made OKR (Objective Key Results) framework for professional and personal use.
3. Understand the significance of Context and Common-Sense usage.

About the speaker

Eswar Prasad, Program Manager @ Alstom possesses a diverse skillset spanning across product, project, program management and agile consulting. He is a management trainer, career counsellor, mentor, and a coach. He gave talks at international academic conferences held in London, IIT Madras, IEEE Delhi and IIFT Kolkata. He recently delivered a talk on Agility at Enterprise Agility World Conference. Besides his corporate career, he is an international chess player and a coach, travel buff, photography freak, writer, and a medical enthusiast.

He fortunately got the opportunity to learn immensely from his 17 year- long corporate career, MS, MBA and PhD (currently pursuing) education and through quality certifications such as PMI-PMP, ACP, SAFe SPC 6, SAFe Agilist, SAFe Scrum Master, CSM etc.