We are all experts in project management. Are we experts in managing our careers? Just as a project manager must understand what determines the success of their project, every professional must understand what determines the success of their career.

This experience-sharing session will cover the five key elements that are required for crafting a successful career. It will offer insights and practical advice to professionals seeking long-term success in their careers. It will draw on the speaker's corporate experience as well as her work as an executive coach. Participants will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion and put the tips they learn to use.


● Connect with the vision for your career
● Most common mistake people make in their career and how to avoid it
● 5 steps to take control of your career

About the speaker

Neelima is an ICF-certified coach and a facilitator for Google’s global initiative ‘I am Remarkable’ to empower everyone to speak confidently about their work. She has been listed as one of the top 100 most influential coaching leaders in India (2023) by the World HRD Congress, an event organized by Times Ascent.

She also serves on the board of North India Chapter of PMI. Before becoming a coach, she has 23+ years of experience working with global organizations in a variety of roles, where she led large teams and coached and mentored many.

Neelima works with executives to increase their impact and fast-track their careers. She helps them enhance their capacity and effectiveness by managing themselves and others better. She believes that leaders are made, not born, and she loves to combine her corporate experience and coaching expertise to help her clients be the leaders they want to become.

She is currently VP – Volunteers, at the North India chapter, PMI and has held communication portfolio as VP in the past.
Leadership mantra “Leaders are made, not born!”