The presentation will begin with an introduction to Systems Thinking. Few tools of applied systems thinking will be introduced. Situations in which these tools were used in corporate will be shared. I will be sharing my experience on using these tools in the context of sustainability.

The audience will be able to learn about Systems Thinking mindset essential to maneuver the complex systems we live in. They will be introduced to tools which they can have in their tool kit to use for solving complex problems they encounter in their careers and life. Audience will be introduced to sustainability and what it means in corporate setup.

About the speaker

I introduce myself as a Systems thinker and Design thinker. These abilities have helped me to be both – a Microscope and a Telescope in my endeavours. My education – Master’s in Product Design & PGPM in Product Management, and my career as an Aerospace engineer has nurtured my sensitivity towards the nuances of Systems around us. I am on a mission to reduce the adverse impact of human activities on our planet. Be it in my profession, as a Data Product manager helping leadership in airlines take data driven decisions and reduce carbon emissions, or as an individual co-founding Systems Innovation (Si) Bangalore hub, a community which is exploring and educating people on complex problem solving. With Si, I regularly facilitate Global Warming workshops, educating and sensitising people towards the risks of Global Warming and help them initiate small changes in their life which go a long way in addressing the challenge. Previously, I was a key contributor in A350 and other aircraft design at Airbus. I have led the Innovation and Sustainability strategy at Airbus. I love to spend time with nature, and often travel to western ghats. I enjoy exploring Indian culture and the interconnections between Yoga, Spiritual practices and the positive influences they have in our society.