The core problem is the separation of projects from production services, or service delivery, despite the fact that both should be working toward the same corporate goal. When the new service launches, the service manager's role begins, and the project manager's responsibility is normally restricted to the duration of the project. The person performing the service introduction is coined as a Service Introduction Lead (SIL) and the team composed of various SIL’s is coined as the Service Introduction Team.

Most PM’s don't have any clue on the transition process that takes place once the project is completed and is yet to be approved by the BAU. In this session I will cover the Service Introduction Process which handles the transition between the Pm and BAU team. Here I will explain the amount of documentation work that the Service Introduction Lead’s(SIL) do and the possible reasons why the project reverts back after the successful completion and handover of the project

About the speaker

I am currently working as a Sr Project Consultant for EY LLP and is deployed at client location as A Service Introduction lead. My job role is to ensure the smooth transition of projects after closure to BAU (Business as Usual). To accomplish this we follow PACE (Product and Cycle-time Excellence) Methodology. I have handled Service Introduction (SI) for nearly 15 Projects out of which 8 are analytical projects, 2 are IT Infrastructure Projects , 1 Manufacturing (Distillery) and remaining under consumer product line