Course Fee

The course fee is inclusive of charges for PMI ATP License key, by which candidates will have access to the PMI ATP Study material and the access to PMI's Digital platform for one year

Candidates will have access to the following:

  • Student Manual: workbook with instructional content and real world activities
  • Spotlight Videos & Media: supplemental student materials
  • Mastery Builders: end-of-chapter knowledge checks to ensure comprehension of key concepts
  • Student Checklists: online lists for students to ensure adequate coverage of key concepts

We strongly recommend becoming a member of PMI since besides the savings in attending this program the savings in the exam fee will more than offset the membership fee as detailed below:

As a new PMI member, one will pay 9,963/year towards PMI membership, one time 772/year towards "New Member Application Fee" and 1,158.00/year towards membership to be a member of Bangalore Chapter.

The PMP exam costs 42,863 if you are not a member and 23,459 if you are a member. The difference is 19404 which right there covers almost your membership expense. Now begin to factor in the free publications, discounts on courses, books and so on for being a member. There is no question that being a member of PMI BEFORE one takes the exam is all advantage and no disadvantage.

One can become a member on-line including membership of the PMI Bangalore India Chapter using the URL of PMI at

Course Fees

PMI Bangalore Chapter Member : Rs.19782/

Non Members : Rs.23,491/-

Above prices are inclusive of Taxes and Payment gateway charges.

Note : Above mentioned price is for residents of India only. For other regions pricing, please write to