Course Content for PMP training

  • The 35-hour contact course is mandatory for candidates wanting to appear for the PMP certification Exam and is designed towards exam preparation.
  • The course is based on PMI' s Framework of PM as per Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK Guide) 6th Edition/ 7th Edition and as per PMI ATP program.
  • While delivering we will cover the three domains of Process, People and Business Environment as per PMI's exam course content.
  • The course starts with describing the concepts and framework of project management. The course will also cover principles of Professional Responsibility.

Course Content for One Day Agile Foundation

This program has been conceptualized as a short program to get into foundations of Agile Methodologies and apply them on small and medium projects.

The program design aims to provide participants:

  • The understanding agile planning & estimating, executing and reporting of a small / medium projects in agile method
  • The understanding of different Agile methodologies commonly used (few will be covered in depth)
  • A simulated game experience on using agile in a project (enabling a hands-on experience in a classroom environment)
  • Effectively participate in Business/ Delivery discussion on selecting agile method over other methods.

Course Content for Two Day Agile Advanced

The two day program will provide the participants to learn:

  • Agile Principles & practices, including various flavours of Agile
  • Competitive advantage of Agile
  • Validate your understanding of Scrum in detail and the concept of ARC
  • Working with Agile to deliver value
  • How to effectively plan & estimate, deliver, manage risk, and communicate the Agile way.
  • XP, Lean and Hybrid Agile methodologies
  • Softer aspects of Agile, such as coaching & people management
  • Building your product by games & exercises using Agile principles as the basis

Course Content for One Day Workshop on BA

The topics covered will be:

  • Need assessment of the business and its scope: is the development team oblivious of the business aspects?
  • Planning and stakeholder analysis: how thick is the line separating the business and the project?
  • Eliciting better requirements: what minimum techniques ensure the completeness?
  • Requirements specification: when can we ensure a 'common' understanding of 'what we deliver'?
  • Change management: why a strategic approach is a must here?
  • Solution: which is the best?

The Workshop will engage participants in groups to fish out answers to the above using case study based hands-on sessions and best practice sharing.