Success in Business or Profession - Learnings from Cricket.

- L. Ramanan

Can Fun Game, Teach Something Realistic for Real Life?


Cricket as a popular game is viewed by many from two different angle's... One as a serious game of coordinated activity of the team, for a common goal, while the other view is for fun and frolic as an entertainment and enjoyment. Views of people like myself are Learnings for Leadership, and Achievements in Profession or Business. So it is a Management Learning tool. From my lecture at one of my customers for its Technology Leaders.

Jan 02


Here are some management principles we can learn from cricket


1. FOCUS: There is one individual at the striking end with a clear FOCUS of scoring max run (all the possible runs in cricket 1-3,4,6), from every ball (opportunity), without perturbed by the disturbance around him in the field. Those players who have scored tons are examples for remaining focused for success.


2. COMPETITORS: There are 10 people with a clear objective of 'Putting you down' and focused in eliminating you from the field and destroy your ambitions of scoring a century. Do not bother, remain focused with one pointed devotion to achieve your goal, by giving your best.


3. OPPORTUNITIES: Every ball thrown at you is not to help you in achieving your goals or objectives, but to tempt you & eliminate you from the field. So, convert 'Challenges' into 'Opportunities'.


4. HONESTY: Remember, 'Whole World is Watching at You', so every action of yours is observed closely by others (including God) always. Hence be humble and honest in every action.


5. INTEGRITY: Though the whole world of viewers and the opposition would be claiming you to be wrong and appeals you to be OUT…, but one voice GOD may declare that you are NOT OUT, when you remain steadfast in your Values, Ethics and Integrity.


6. Be WATCHFUL: Trouble need not come from people who do not like to see you to be a 'Winner', but people around you could also be at league in letting you down by giving a wrong start (directions) by misguiding you.


YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL in Your GOALS and SHALL ACHIEVE BIG, as long as you remain

•             Focused & deliver your best

•             Prepared to contain competitions

•             Convert Challenges into Opportunities

•             Humble & Honest with one pointed devotion

•             Practice always Impeccable Values, Ethics & Integrity

•             Learnt to be watchful of surrounding around you


"Nothing can Shake You - You will be the Winner"..


Chapter Launches DAPSU Forum

Feb 16

An exclusive forum to support the Defence, Aerospace, Space & Public Sector Undertakings (DAPSU) organizations in Bangalore city was launched by the Chapter formally on Saturday 7th January 2017. In an interactive session attended by senior officers of these organizations, Mr. VVR Sastry, Former CMD of BEL and CDot shared his experiences and the benefits of associating with PMI.