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Did you know?

Q: How self-driving trucks will change logistics of the future?

A: Think about rows of shiny vehicles each carrying a load of cargo, driving in one neat line, never deviating, never flouting traffic rules, and never stopping before they reach their destination. Well, with the introduction of self-driving trucks, this can one day become a reality. Companies like Volvo, Benz, TuSimple, Peloton, Kodiak and Waymo are working on autonomous trucks that may bring down the transport industry costs by almost $300 Billion per year. Tesla has already planned to start delivering its automated trucks from 2019. However, none of the models in work now are fully automated, they still need a driver up front and some need assistance to change lanes or get off the freeway. A discordant note was struck in 2018 when Uber announced its decision to close down its self-driving trucking unit very soon after a Uber autonomous vehicle killed a pedestrian in Phoenix, leading people to suspect the viability of the technology or the business. But, technology aside, the most crucial argument against self-driving trucks is liability, who is liable if the technology fails and the truck hits and kills someone? Is it the driver, the freight company, the cargo owner or the truck manufacturer? Till these legal angles are covered, don't expect to see fully automated truck zooming by.

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