Chapter News

Capt. L. N. Prasad

PM Footprints: During the month of January 2017 two PM Footprints sessions were held on 5th January 2017 and 19th January 2017. On 5th January, Mr. L. Harish spoke on the topic, “Introduction to Programs”. The talk provided a clear distinction between projects, programs portfolios and operations from a decision making perspective.


Feb 09


On 19th January Mr. Ravindra Prasad spoke on the topic “Agile Transformation Journey- Getting it Right." Both talks were well attended and gave good insights in to the topics.

Feb 10


PM E&C Footprints: On Saturday the 21st January 2017, E&C Footprints was held. Mr. S. Sankar, Vice President - Project Management of M/s. Karle Infra, spoke on the topic "Project Management Astrology”.

Feb 13


The second speaker for the day, Mr. S. Athinarayanan, Director Utility Projects and services (Pvt) Ltd, spoke on the topic "A Move Towards Sustainable Buildings”. Both the talks were well received and nearly 60 members attended the program.

Feb 13


DAPSU Forum: The newly formed Defence, Aerospace, Space and PSU Forum held an Interactive session with Decision Makers on Nurturing Project Management Culture in DAPSU Organisations. The program was held at Hotel Lalit Ashok on 7th January 2017.

Feb 13


The PMI Champion's Meet with Chapter Board: PMI Bangalore India Chapter in collaboration with PMI India hosted a Champions Meet on 21st January 2017. Meet was scheduled with the thoughts to have an orientation for the champions about the Chapter to support and take steps for seamless approach for meeting mutual objectives towards Advocacy of Project Management Knowledge & Advocacy, Reaching out to our common community & Identifying Chapter platforms & resources as enablers in the journey.


Feb 13


Meeting started with context setting by Mr. Balakrishna Kasibatla - VP Membership, followed by speech on collaboration with the Chapter & benefits by Mr. Jacob Varghese - PMI India. Chapter President Mr. Vijay Paul addressed the gathering on the Chapter structure, operations and various platforms offered by the Chapter followed by portfolio updates by other board members Nimish Mehta, Shilpa Gnaneshwar, Col. Harsha and Praveen Jangira. Meeting concluded with positive notes and actions towards the collaboration.